Design is activism

It seems that the days when we talked about the "new normal" are long gone. We no longer know what our "post pandemic" life is, because we are still in a pandemic, and it is life that adapts as the context changes. The concepts that surround us can sound confusing, while health measures change and we see how the social and economic conditions of the population worsen day by day.


In these moments when it seems that everything is getting out of hand, we must think of intelligent solutions for people's lives. Design, in this sense, has a lot to say. For this reason, the Design Hub is positioned as a key agent in Barcelona and Catalonia in achieving the social purposes of design, creativity and innovation.


And that is why the Design Hub hosts the most important design event in Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona Design Week, which this year celebrates its 15th edition with a clear message: design must be done for activism. You have to go from ideas to design, and with design, to action. It is necessary that design is available to the most urgent needs of people.


From respirators to social policies, from a mask to a streaming event. Behind all the measures, small and large, of adapting life to the pandemic, there are people thinking, there are people designing. It's a key moment to remember that design doesn't just mean making things pretty. Design also means utility, practicality, optimization. Design is people thinking for people. Design is sustainable development. Design is gender equality, action for climate change, clean energy, ethical growth, industrial innovation. Design is activism. Design is Hub and it is Barcelona Design Week.

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