Design Districts, a program by and for the city

Citizen participation is a key axis in Barcelona Design Week 2020. Design Districts is the most transversal set of activities of the event, which grows and opens to the city, inviting everyone to propose activities related to creativity, design and innovation.

Citizens have had the possibility of organizing all kinds of events: exhibitions, installations, presentations, inaugurations, conferences, colloquia, round tables, conferences, workshops, routes and circuits... that have to do with any of the areas of activity: industrial design, product design, interiors and furniture, architecture and urban planning, fashion and accessories, textile design, graphic and illustration, digital design, service design, food design, art and design, technology, retail... everything!

Some of the scheduled activities are "Design with Impact", a space to learn and meet new creatives that will help us understand the importance of creativity and design, with a series of eight conferences with people from different fields such as RocaSalvatella, Domestic Data streamers, Mucho, and TV Trends.

"Goodbye, plastic!" is a family activity organized by Bobo Choses that consists of making a piece of art from 10 plastic bags. As a gift, participants will be given a reusable organic cotton bag that children and adults can customize with different materials in the same space.

We also propose guided tours to discover the Innovation Showroom, a project that focuses on innovation and aims to reflect on the passage of time and the new ways of making use of spaces today. It is taken as the epicenter of the activity of the MBM building, known in the 70s for being an icon of modernity of the city of Barcelona. Built under the parameters of rationalist architecture by the hand of Oriol Bohigas, Mackay and Martorell. This activity also includes guided visits to the building, a series of debates on 20th century housing and an artistic installation by Jordi Bernadó.

These are just some of the activities framed in the Design Districts program, the participatory initiative that Barcelona Design Week 2020 has brought to the public to build, directly and based on their ideas, the most relevant event in design in the city.

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Citizen participation is a key axis in Barcelona Design Week 2020. Design Districts is the most transversal set of activities of the event, which...