The Design Museum of Barcelona celebrates the 60 years of Joaquim Capdevila's career

As of September 28, the Design Museum of Barcelona presents a new temporary exhibition. "Joaquim Capdevila. Jewellery 1959-2019" is a retrospective sample dedicated to Capdevila, on the 60th anniversary of his career as a jeweler and goldsmith. Curated by Pilar Vélez, the director of the Museum, it will coincide with the celebration of the Enjoia't, by A-FAD.

Joaquim Capdevila is one of the key figures of the New Jewellery in Catalonia, a movement that represented a new way of understanding jewellery starting with its origins in Germany, Holland and England.

Connoisseur of the different jewelry trades, Capdevila uses the plastic language of jewellery as a method of expression. His creations transcend the traditional concept of jewellery. Sometimes he focuses on precious metals in addition to new materials, such as leather, fabric and wood. On other occasions, Capdevila donates his creations with a great chromatic singularity, incorporating acrylic paint and Japanese lacquer. His pieces are located halfway between painting and sculpture.

There are more than 130 pieces covering the six decades of Capdevila’s work. From his first "jewellery-object" in the sixties, when he started his own line of jewels made of the combination of silver with uncommon materials; to the present, with jewels selected as a result of the artist’s reflections on his life experience, often accompanied by literary creations by Catalan poets or writers.

The exhibition is free and will be located in room B of the Design Museum of Barcelona until November 17th.

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