The Design Museum hosts Inter-We, a symposium on gender fluidity

On Tuesday, January 30, the Design Museum with host Inter-We. Organized by the Espronceda Center for Art & Culture and with the sponsorship of the German Consulate, it is an artistic symposium focused on the concept of gender fluidity.

Curated by Fabian Vogler and Valentina Casacchia, this meeting of artists will reflect on the changes in the diversity of genders in today's society. The symposium makes the variety of genders more comprehensible and invites participants to see gender as a fluid concept.

A reflection of Zygmunt Bauman’s fluid society, gender fluidity aims to overcome the binary division of gender, as well as the roles and stereotypes that have been associated with male and female gender for centuries.

The curators use visual arts to reflect a contemporary vision of the human being, as well as our capacity to formulate new questions, to generate debates on the concept of gender. During the symposium, Manuel Aramendia, Inga Becker, Begonya Enguix, Stefan Horlacher, Marisol Salanova, Katinka Schweizer, Patricia Soley-Bertran, Sílvia Ventosa and Simon Zobel will deliver previously unseen conferences.

The debates that arise in the symposium revolve around questions such as whether intersexuals can find their place in today's dichotomous world. The conferences will deal with the question of whether people who fit a defined gender can analyze the social construction of gender and if they can propose alternative concepts to the traditional binary classification system. Lastly, other debates focus on whether museums adequately represent gender diversity.

The symposium will take place from 3-7:30 p.m. and will welcome up to 80 people. Admission is free.



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