Emergency design for saving lives

This November, the Design Museum of Barcelona will present its exhibition “Emergency! Design against Covid-19”, showing a sample of initiatives –both public and private– from which the world of design has given a quick answer to the more urgent needs derived from the social and sanitary crisis provoked by the pandemic

The Museum’s team is currently working on the collection, which already counts twenty pieces. It is still in the documentation process of different projects continuing to appear, in order to offer a wide picture of the design’s potential to save lives and assume its social responsibility.

Protection elements will be one of the main areas of the exhibition. Some of the highlights are the hygienic masks by designers Txell MirasJosep Abril and Miriam Ponsa, who are all also present in the Museum’s fashion collection; the proposal of a foldable mask by Closca, and theGracia Mask protecting screen by Joan Ayguadé.

Among the sanitary use and protection devices, the 3DDF system of the MOS design study is included, allowing the adaptation of Decathlon snorkeling masks for clinical use, as well as the Aleu reusable mask, developed by Eurecat with the aim to guarantee the supply of PPEs to all professionals.

The exhibition will also pay attention to the different solutions in clinical machinery that have tackled issues such as the lack of ventilators. Some examples are the Angel-Y valve by Minnim Design, which facilitates that an existing ventilator can be used in two patients; the MTS uvc robot which disinfects spaces and moves around autonomously using UV light technology; and the AMS mini air management system, made by 3D printing.

Graphic design will also have its space in the exhibition. We will see signs from the #Estopasará project, a collaborative platform around art and design, promoted by Valencia Capital Mundial del Diseño 2022.

The inauguration of the exhibition will be in collaboration with ADI-FAD and will take place in the context of this year’s Barcelona Design Week, which has been rescheduled to Autumn for security reasons.

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