Everything you need to know about ‘delivery & take away’

‘Delivery & take away’ has come to stay. Fully aware of the impact the pandemic has had on restaurants and the challenges they have had to face, the Barcelona Design Centre, with the support of the Barcelona City Council, has published the guide How to successfully implement delivery and take away in your business in a sustainable way. This is a base document for providing orientation, sharing the keys to success and displaying successful case studies to all the restaurants that want to implement or improve their ‘delivery & take away’ line in a sustainable manner.

Anna Achón, the project manager of Food & Design at the Barcelona Design Centre, says “The coronavirus has simply accelerated something that had to come. We know that when processes are so fast, sometimes they are unsustainable and risky. We’ve tried to make progress for this adaptation to be carried out in the most sustainable and efficient way possible.”

The Rulebook is structured into six axes: trends, implementation, sustainability, management of the space, branding and communication. Each one of these themes is approached from the point of view of specialised companies and professionals in the sector, namely Plat Institute, Cooció, Backyard, Inèdit, Mayuscula and RED Marketing in Hospitality. From this information, the team of the Barcelona Design Centre has extracted the key points to be taken into account when implementing ‘delivery & take away’ in an easy, successful, sustainable and innovative manner.

This is a totally transversal initiative that focuses not only on the business but also on the diner. In the words of Sonia Monclús, a cluster manager at the Barcelona Design Centre, “Design is a discipline that enables us to situate the client in the centre of the process of conception and implementation of this line of business, attend to all the key aspects for offering a first-class gastronomic experience and ensure that the restaurant’s brand name is recognised and converted into a point of reference for the diner, and also in the ‘delivery & take away’ line of business.”

The publication of the guide How to successfully implement delivery and take away in your business in a sustainable way coincides with the assignation of Barcelona as the World Capital of Sustainable Food 2021, a fact which the Barcelona Design Centre values very positively. Anna Achón says “We’re moving towards a sustainable zero-waste model, in which we can’t go on consuming and producing in the way we’ve been doing. We have to innovate, we have to give the public a good experience, and we have to make our product reach the end customer efficiently. All the actions we take have to be good for us, for the territory and the planet.”

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