Face-to-face exhibitions? Yes thanks!

Despite the limitations to face-to-face events, Barcelona Design Week 2020 finds ways to bring design, physically, to people. Below we collect the face-to-face or blended activities that belong to the Design Week program this year.

Barcelona Design Center brings us the International Pavilion, a design exhibition that has the participation of other world design weeks and hosts three virtual exhibitions from Australia, Chile and Mexico, organized by the RMIT University with the collaboration of Melbourne Design Week; LOCAL Chile; and Querétaro Design Week with Puebla Design Week.

The BCD also brings us, together with Aiats and mayuscula Brands, the AcrossBorders exhibition, a global, collaborative and intercultural initiative that bets on design as a tool to break borders and create a positive impact on society. In collaboration with the Madrid Design Festival, we will be able to see the Madrid-Barcelona Bridge, a collaborative link between this event and the BDW, in which they are committed to the dissemination of design and recognize the role of this discipline to face the challenges of the society of the future, starting from issues that revolve around the future of cities: mobility, loneliness and cultural creation.

The Design Museum brings two face-to-face exhibitions: on the one hand, "Modernism, towards the culture of design", an exhibition that reviews the modernist movement as a starting point in the culture of design. You can also visit the exhibition "Emergency! Designs against COVID-19", a compilation of initiatives from the world of design that have responded to the social and health crisis caused by the pandemic.

In the attic of the headquarters of the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC), you can see, until the 28th of this month, the exhibition of the FAD 2020 Awards and the Habitácola Awards "Inhabiting the beach", by ARQUIN-FAD. The exhibition shows the projects selected, finalists and winners of the FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design 2020, as well as the FAD International Awards and Thought and Criticism, and the Habitàcola Awards for architecture and design students.

Finally, the Shopwindows Design in Diagonal initiative seeks to support local commerce on Avenida Diagonal, which during BDW becomes a hotspot of creativity. The project aims to make local creative talent visible, link design in the retail sector and bring design closer to society.

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Face-to-face exhibitions? Yes thanks!


Despite the limitations to face-to-face events, Barcelona Design Week 2020 finds ways to bring design, physically, to people. Below we collect the...

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