FAD's commitment to contemporary jewelry lands at Design Hub

Contemporary jewelry will once again be the protagonist of the Design Hub Barcelona during the months of September and October with the exhibition of Enjoia't Awards 2019 and the presentation ceremony of the Enjoia't 2019 Contemporary Jewelry Awards, both initiatives promoted by A-FAD.

The exhibition of the Enjoia't Awards 2019 consists of a compilation of works from the twenty-seven professionals who have been selected this year, thirteen in the Professional category and fourteen in the Student one. With the creations of authors from fourteen countries, the exhibition can be visited from September 27 in Room B of our building, and it will be for free.

Regarding the awards, which were born 25 years ago, they seek to collect the most outstanding and transgressive proposals in the field of contemporary jewelry and have become a key meeting point for jewelry professionals and students from around the world. The winners in the Professional and Student categories and the Misui Prize will be announced on October 12 at the awards ceremony which will also hosted by the Design Hub Barcelona.

During the celebration, participants will have to defend their creations in front of the jury, who will deliver the diplomas and prizes to the winners. In addition, attendees will be able to decide who deserves to win the Opinion Award, which will be awarded with a crown designed by the students of the School of Art La Industrial.

In addition to these two events linked to contemporary jewelry, the exhibition "Joaquim Capdevila. Jewels 1959-2019", organized by Design Museum of Barcelona, will be inaugurated September 28 on the B floor of our building. In summary, it is an opportunity to see the different artistic languages ​​of contemporary jewelers, but also the cultural perspectives which influence the final result. We look forward to seeing you from September 27 at the Design Hub Barcelona!

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