Much more than design

In this month of June, the upper-level design students and entities in a situation of vulnerability will be the central characters. After four months of work within the framework of the project ‘Design for Inclusion’, the groups will present their final result.

Design for Inclusion is a project co-organised by the Design Barcelona Museum and the Ojalá Projects Association with the aim of promoting design as a tool of social transformation. The project has been initiated this year for the first time and has focussed on two fields of design: fashion and graphic design. In total it has had the participation of 70 students and 7 schools: Barcelona’s high-level design and art schools BAU, ELISAVA, ESDAP Catalunya, IDEM, LCI Barcelona and the UOC, and also the entities Grup Cooperatiu TEB, Associació per a Superar l’Ictus Barcelona, a Residential Educational Action Centre of the Intress Association, and the Metzineres collective.

In addition, the working groups have had the tutorial expertise of experts in the field, such as the designers David Torrents, Bruna Sedó and Sonia Carrasco, the founder of Ojalá Projectes Anaïs Esmerado, the UOC teacher Enric Mor, teachers of the ESDAP Campus Llotja Noemí Clavería and Montse Noguera and the architect and ESDAP professor Amaya Martínez.

In this month of June the final results in different actions open to the public will be presented:

- On June 2nd, the group formed by users of the TEB Sant Andreu and students of the ESDAP Catalunya of the Campus Llotja will present their co-creation project, emphasising the co-design process. It will be possible to view this action with a participatory dynamic in the district and in a board game in the TEB Sant Andreu building.

- On June 7th, the group formed by users of TEB Barceloneta and the students of the BAU, ELISAVA, IDEM and UOC schools will present the communication campaign created to publicise this collective in the neighbourhood. It will be possible to view the presentation at the premises of TEB Barceloneta and on the balconies of other buildings of the district.

- Finally, on June 11th, the group formed by Metzineres and students of BAU and ELIASVA will assemble their customisation project of affordable clothes in a parade and photo session held at the Àgora Juan Andrés Benítez in the Raval.

These three projects and those carried out by the groups formed by the Associació Superar l’Ictus BCN and the LCI design school and the group formed by the Associació Intress (CRAE) and students of the ESDAP Campus Deià can be seen in a documentary on the websites of the project and the Design Museum.

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Much more than design


In this month of June, the upper-level design students and entities in a situation of vulnerability will be the central characters. After four...

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