Re-Barcelona turns the Design Hub into the epicenter of sustainable fashion

Following our commitment to sustainability, ethics and responsible consumption, on November 29 and 30 we will host the first edition of the Re-Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Global Event. Re-Barcelona aims to become an international annual event on sustainable fashion and will be attended by companies and institutions such as Veja, Ellen MacArthur Foundation or Kering. With two large spaces, one aimed at professionals, the Summit, and another open to the public, the Open Space, the event seeks to become a worldwide think tank of reference on fashion and sustainability.

The Summit (November 29), more oriented to the professional world, has been conceived as a space for dissemination of new initiatives in sustainable and ethical fashion. With about 20 speakers, under the title of Sustainable Fashion and Beyond, the event will host keynotes, round tables and talks with national and international experts from the industry. If you haven't booked your tickets yet, you can do it here.

As for the Open Space (November 29 and 30), free to the general public, there will be an exhibition area with the participation of pioneer companies and projects. Projections of films, workshops and masterclasses on sustainability in fashion are planned. The Open Space has the support and participation of companies and entities in the territory which have a close relationship with the Design Hub Barcelona, ​​such as the BCD Barcelona Design Center and the MODA-FAD. Among the activities of the Open Space there is a conference by Fundació Joia, an organization which aims to turn the reuse of clothing into a motor of social economy for those at risk of exclusion. 

In line with its commitment to ethics and sustainability, the BCD will promote the "Hula Hoop" activity, a circular design experience that aims to make us aware of the environment and gain knowledge in material recovery and resource regeneration strategies. For its part, MODA-FAD will hold an upcycling marathon in fashion under the name of "MODA-FAD Sustainable Challenge 2019", in which 30 students from different design disciplines will use their creativity to transform textile waste into new valuable products with their own touch.

Together, it will be a pioneer meeting in Barcelona, bringing together the most innovative initiatives committed to the creation, production and marketing of sustainable fashion. 

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