Think, design, act. Barcelona Design Week.

2020 brings a decade full of uncertainty. On top of the environmental crisis that we have been experiencing for years is the unprecedented health and economic crisis on a global scale that we are suffering as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Inequality, injustice and powerlessness. In the midst of this context, we often find ourselves asking ourselves the question: where are we going to? What does the future hold? And, what now?

One option is to sit by, watching life progress without taking part. Another is to take action, understanding the complexity of the situation and seeing how we can contribute to a more fair world.

This year, the Barcelona Design Week gives us the opportunity to be activists in a unique moment on a global scale. A time where we have to rethink even more where we’re going, what world we want and what ideas are worth fighting and being activists for. During the last months, design has proven its usefulness and value on several fronts, which shows us that the only way to face the future is through sustainable development and design.

Therefore, we open the question: and what, now? Well, now, the end of poverty and quality education. Now, gender equality, reducing inequalities, and health and well-being for all. Now, sustainable growth and innovative thinking. Now, design.

We call for the mobilization of the creative sector, activism and professionals and companies to develop this design able to generate equality, balance and trust, both for the planet and for people.

But we also call for the mobilization of citizens and economic agents that, with their actions, contribute to the recovery of the creative sector and its activity, offering confidence, hiring and consuming services and products and local talent, so that the circular economy is strengthened.

We have to put a bit of each part and have the energy of all. At BDW 2020 we are convinced that it is time to understand design as a form of activism, to conceive it as the way to go towards a more green, fair and fuller reality.

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