Online MATERFAD Room


From Monday, 11 May to Saturday, 31 October 2020
156 euros per grup

MATERFAD, Barcelona’s materials centre, has expanded its training services to adapt to the new situation generated by the COVID-19 lockdown. Its on-site training courses on new materials and technologies, which used to be held at the centre’s materials library on floor -1 of the Disseny Hub Barcelona and were imparted by Robert D. Thompson, Materfad scientific director, will also be available online from now on. Aula Materfad online provides two types of training. On one hand group training, giving to groups of up to 20 people an introductory explanation and some thoughts on the latest trends in materials. A selection is presented of the most relevant samples held in the physical materials library and, after the explanation, a discussion is held with the materials technician for a more in-depth examination of the knowledge of those materials and their applications. On the other, support for tutorials, aimed at master’s or dissertation students needing micro-consultancies relating to their final project. The session, for groups of up to 5 people, focuses on resolving a specific challenge through practical knowledge and active mastery of the new materials and technologies. The two types of Aula MATERFAD online training sessions may deal with widely differing topics such as alternative materials to plastic, advanced plant-based materials, taboo materials, nanomaterials, wearables, wood-based materials, DIY materials, smart materials, antibacterial and biological materials, sustainable eco-materials for fashion, packaging and construction that contribute to the circular economy, etc. You can consult more details on contents, formats and fees via this link.

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