Welcome to the Disseny Hub Barcelona,

Take a look around you for a moment. What do you see?

Wherever we look, we are surrounded by design: from everyday objects that go unnoticed to clothing or large buildings. Design is much more than a discipline, an art, or an economic sector; design is an essential driving force, creativity, vision, production, and it is a vital force when it comes to creating shared spaces and objects to improve our lives.

We have aimed to concentrate all these forces on the Disseny Hub Barcelona, a pioneering facility in the world that aims to offer a dynamic and open space in which everything that it represents as well as the people who represent design (actors, companies, creators, citizens) can find refuge, support, training, dissemination and the necessary promotion, given that design is one of Barcelona’s main driving forces and differential traits.

The DHUB building, designed by Oriol Bohigas and the MBM team of architects, opened its doors in 2013 as a key component of urban transformation in Glòries. Today, it now forms part of this new centrality in Barcelona and plays a leading role in the leap in scale which is being experienced in this area of the city: the entranceway to 22@, a highly important mobility node and a new space for citizens.

Above all, the Disseny Hub Barcelona is a centre which welcomes everyone: from professionals to the general public, a centre where we understand creativity without barriers, being open to new trends and ways of sharing and generating culture. This results in its own architectural concept: a diaphanous, vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that envelops the visitor upon entering the building. With wide and bright multi-functional spaces, such as the different exhibition halls, workshops, the auditorium and its cafeteria and terrace with the lake that surrounds it. When you come to visit us, you’ll feel the vitality linked to creation and entrepreneurship which challenges creators and young talent as well as professionals in the design sectors and creative industries. The Disseny Hub Barcelona is a meeting point where one can become absorbed in innovation, dissemination and experimentation.

As a public, innovative and inclusive facility, we ensure the dissemination of the city’s heritage and culture in order to showcase and encourage creative talent and industries. We aim to promote fields of design, fashion, audio-visual productions, crafts and architecture, hosting and supporting the city’s creative talent and working with training centres, artists and business environments on a local and international scale, as a result of the agreement between the Economic Promotion Department of the Barcelona Culture Institute. For this reason, you will find a broad offer and a dynamic, precise and avant-garde programme. Exhibitions, activities for all types of audiences, conferences, festivals, awards and training resulting from the joint efforts of the City Council and the other entities based at the Disseny Hub, such as the Barcelona Design Centre (BcD), the Fostering Arts and Design (FAD), the Study of Furniture Association (AEM), the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE), the El Clot Library - Josep Benet and, since 2020, the World Design Weeks international network.

On behalf of all of us who work at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, I invite you to come with your eyes, heart and mind open wide, ready to discover new realities.


Mireia Escobar, Director of Disseny Hub Barcelona