“Dissenyem Comerç”

"Dissenyem Comerç” (We Design Trade) is an initiative promoted by Barcelona City Council to reinvigorate local trade by uniting design schools and commercial areas.

Students from the worlds of design, fashion, visual arts, architecture and audio-visual arts work together with the city’s local businesses to develop proposals for the reactivation and promotion of neighbourhood trade. On the one hand, it promotes young talent: giving students the chance to work outside the classrooms, in the field, applying their knowledge to solve real and local issues. This motivates them and implies an approach to the reality they will find themselves in when they enter the professional world. On the other hand, it reclaims the value of the local trade and commits to promoting it. Thirdly, it amplifies how design and creativity can propose scenarios of change to businesses of all sizes and how it can bring value to small businesses too. 

Improving product presentation, communication, service type or the shopping experience are just some of the points which can be influenced. “Dissenyem comerç” often represents the business owners’ first direct contact with design disciplines and creative industries and a discovery about everything they can offer. Through meetings, interviews with business owners, activities in the streets and co-creation sessions, the group comes up with a set of final proposals.

This project aims to be present throughout the city and represents a two-way path, raising awareness of the values of local trade and encouraging all the design potentialities to emerge.

Dissenyem comerç” is a project promoted by the Department of Tourism and Creative Industries, along with the Department of Commerce, Markets, Internal Regulations and the Treasury, Barcelona Activa and Barcelona Design Hub. A cross-cutting and innovative view to tackle today’s challenges.

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