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Reshape 18 | Exhibition


From Thursday, 14 March to Sunday, 14 April 2019
From 09:00 to 21:00
From March 14 to April 14, the Disseny Hub Barcelona will host the "Reshape Exhibition", a temporary event focused on Wearable and Fashion Technology organized by Noumena ​INDUSTRY From Needs to Solutions and the Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with ​Materfad​.. The exhibition presents the design projects of the IED fashion students made for the YoMo event. Emerging designers produce and manufacture fabrics through the process of digitization, introducing new methodologies that could succeed in replacing today's systems and finding new alternatives of "zero waste" to turn fashion into a more ethical and sustainable industry The exhibition will take place in the hall of the building and will host pieces such as: Amphibio -Jun Kamei, ​A zero waste fashion​, ZER Colletion, ​Oru - Oran Sheinman, ​ReGrow - ​Adrien Rigobello - Vivien Roussel - Surzhana Radnaeva - Benjamin Denjean - Tim Leeson - Dr Robert Pott​, Cyborg hand - Judit Parés Padrós; ​Obradek - Patricia Wu Wu; ​Bio Ver - Jessica Dias - Thora Hafdis - Agustina Ros - Nikos Argyros - Pierluca D’Amato, ​Be in the water​ - ​Núria Diago Camps - Maria Carrion Ametller, ​Avatar Run - Iris Forster- Fabio Villa, ​Gradual Spine Support System GS [3] - Snezhana Paderina - Nikita Replyanski, ​Quantic Cycle ​- Pol Guixe - Oscar Velasco - Cristina Prim - Oscar Chic, ​Proyectos YOMO​ - IED Fashion design course