Useful information - Precautions for Museums during Covid-19 Pandemic

How to get there

This area is undergoing redevelopment to turn Plaça de les Glòries and its surroundings into an intermodal public transport hub and one of the largest green areas in the city. This has meant changes in traffic, public transport routes and access to the facility.

Barcelona Metro:

Glòries (Line 1),

Clot (Line 2), and Monumental (Line2) stations are between 750 and 1,000 m away


Glòries stops on Lines T4, T5 i T6


Less than 500 m away: Lines 7, H12, 92, 192

Between 500 m and 750 m: Line 62,

More than 750 m: Lines 6, 33, 34, 40, 42, 60, 141, H10

Taxi ranks:

C/ Padilla, 152 approx. (corner with Av. Meridiana)

Bicing Stations:

Av. Meridiana, 66 (next to Glòries metro station)

C. Ciutat de Granada 168 / Av. Diagonal


C. Ciutat de Granada, 173‐175

C. Badajoz, 168

Glòries Shopping Centre

Access map

Proper use of facilities

Admission to the Museum’s permanent exhibition rooms is allowed up to 30 minutes before they close.

Admission to some activities (performing arts, films) closes when the performance or screening starts.

You must retain your ticket when visiting an exhibition or attending an activity.

Use of lockers: For conservation reasons, bags measuring over 40 cm, backpacks, motorbike helmets, long umbrellas and folded bicycles must be left in the cloakroom lockers.

Photographs and filming: Photos for personal, non-commercial purposes are allowed in common areas and foyers. Please observe the rules about photographs and filming in each facility or exhibition room. Some works may be subject to copyright and may not be photographed or filmed. If in doubt, please ask the room attendants.

Mobile phones: Please mute your mobile phone during a tour, screening, concert or performance.

Entry with animals: Only guide dogs are allowed. All other animals must stay in outside areas.

Food and drink: Food and drink are not allowed in the exhibition rooms, auditoriums, classrooms and archives.

Ambient conditions: Air conditioning in the exhibition rooms has to be controlled for the conservation of the artworks. You may find the temperature and lighting in the rooms a bit low.

Disseny Hub Barcelona is a smoke-free facility.

Free Wi-Fi: There is free Wi-Fi in the foyers, café and exhibition rooms.