• Series of initiatives aimed at combating, from several areas, the situation of inequality that women suffer. It acts on the roots of the processes involved in the feminisation of poverty and job insecurity and introduces measures for attacking their more structural aspects, such as discrimination in the labour market, inequalities in the distribution of care tasks and domestic work, access to housing and improving the state of people’s heath.


Municipal government measures

  • A government measure aimed at providing the City Council with the bases for establishing a conceptual, organisational, regulatory and executive framework for rolling out real and effective gender mainstreaming and thereby ensuring that gender equality is a central goal of the entire City Council, municipal areas and districts alike, in all fields of action.
  • A government measure for promoting another way to socially organise care work with 68 initiatives and an initial budget of an additional 59 million euros for 2017-2020. The goals of this measure are to acknowledge care work as a central part of the city’s social and economic life, promote co-responsibility among all the social players and reduce the social and gender inequalities that currently typify both the provision and the receipt of care work.