Plural is a municipal facility aimed at the male population that seeks to promote more open, respectful and healthy relationship models.  It is an intimate space conceived to support you through doubts that may arise at any point in your life.

Precisely because men are also gendered, reflecting on the impacts that certain ways of being men have on our lives will help us to improve our social and personal relationships.

What will you find there?

Plural has various social care professionals who offer:

  • Psychological care for individuals and groups
  • Legal and technical advice
  • Activities on egalitarian masculinities
  • Training sessions on masculinities and genders
  • Resources and tools for the general public and professionals

We also offer our facilities to all social agents and associations who wish to encourage and promote work on masculinities in our city.

Plural offers support for people with a history of violence in any of the areas envisaged in legislation [Ca].

Support programme

Aimed at people living, working or studying in Barcelona who wish to change and improve their personal relationships to avoid using any form of violence.

Prevention programme

Seeks to promote personal and social commitment from men to build a fairer and more just society for everyone.


Participation and joint leadership in projects with other city services and stakeholders that work on masculinities.

Plural Masculinities Centre

Plural Centre
  • Avinguda del Marquès de l’Argentera, 22, 08003 (Ciutat Vella) Barcelona
  • 933491610