The Men's Care Service for promoting non-violent relationships (SAH) is a free, public service offered by Barcelona City Council to men in our city who want to change their attitudes, behaviour and beliefs in order to help them relate in a non-violent and respectful way.

The SAH intervenes in the various types of gender violence (physical, psychological, sexual and economic) that occur in spheres such as the family, couples and social or community settings. 

It also carries out preventive work through promotional and awareness activities among the general public and city social services staff (“Canviem-ho”/“Let’s change it” project).

The service has a professional staff that offer information, psychological care and legal advice in order to provide men in the city with tools and resources so they can relate in a positive, healthy and respectful way that avoids the use of violence.

The SAH organises its resources and treatments into various programmes:

  • Men’s Care Programme
  • Youth Care Programme
  • “Canviem-ho” Project
Photo psychological attention to a man

Men's Care Programme

The SAH Homes project focuses on men over the age of 21 who voluntarily wish to receive psychological support for relating to others non-violently in any kind of relationship: with partners, family members or in work or social environments.

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Youth Care Programme

The SAH Joves programme attends to adolescents and young adults aged 12 to 21 responsible for abusive or sexist behaviour in couples, the family and work or social settings.

photo of a workshop of canviem-ho

“Canviem-ho” Project

The “Canviem-ho” or “Let’s change it” project promotes preventive awareness activities among youths and adult men in Barcelona to foster more equitable, fairer and healthier models of masculinity. It also offers training to social services staff.

How can I contact this service?

Men's Service for the Promotion of Nonviolent Relations
  • Avinguda del Marquès de l’Argentera, 22, 08003 (Ciutat Vella) Barcelona
  • 933491610