Barcelona Medals of Honour 2023

28/04/2023 - 16:26

City Council. The Full Council unanimously approved the medals to be awarded this year.

The Full Council has unanimously awarded the city’s twenty-five medals of honour for 2023, recognising individuals and organisations whose professional or social contribution have helped towards public awareness of civic values and virtues. Twenty-five medals are awarded every year: five at a city level, proposed by municipal groups and the Municipal Council Assembly, and twenty by the ten districts.

The individuals or organisations awarded the five medals of honour at a city level are:

  • Elena Carreras Moratonas, for her professional career, focusing on women’s healthcare with the gender perspective.
  • Júlia Otero Pérez, as a role-model in the world of communication, particularly radio and television, an example for generations of professionals.
  • Marina Subirats Martori, in recognition of her professional and scientific career, notable for the introduction of the feminist perspective in social sciences, her discourse on co-education and her commitment to grassroots feminism.
  • Aura Fundació, for over 30 years of support for the social and labour inclusion of young people with intellectual diversity in the business world.
  • Federació d’Ateneus de Catalunya, on its 40th anniversary, for strengthening, facilitating and improving the work of socio-cultural organisations all around Catalonia.

Each district made two proposals, with a total of twenty medals.

Ciutat Vella

  • Jose Manuel Juárez, for his leadership in the fight to dignify the work of fishermen and improve the life conditions of sea-faring colleagues, and for his values and commitment to the Confraria de Pescadors de Barcelona.
  • Agrupament Esplai Santa Maria del Pi, on its 50th anniversary, for its devotion to the construction of community, building ties between children and young people in the Gòtic neighbourhood and facing up to the challenges of our times.


  • Maria Masclans Vale, in recognition of her work over a decade at the head of the fresh produce market at the Mercat de Sant Antoni and her commitment to the neighbourhood.
  • La Cabrònica del Nord, for its role in maintaining and promoting popular and fire culture in the Fort Pienc neighbourhood in the district of L’Eixample.


  • Benito Maín Cabanillas, for his virtuosity in iron sculpture, his generosity and his civic and cultural commitment to the neighbourhood of La Marina.
  • Associació Cívica La Nau, for its 25 years as a non-foodstuffs bank, acting as a bridge between companies with production surplus and organisations working to help groups at risk of social exclusion.

Les Corts

  • Esplai L’Olivera Rodona, on its 50th anniversary, for its educational leisure work with children and young people, fostering critical spirit, responsibility and respect.
  • José Antonio Ortega Nieto, in recognition of over 50 years of solidarity commitments, active participation in the local residents’ movement and community activity in the district of Les Corts.

Sarrià – Sant Gervasi

  • Fundació Putxet, on its 25th anniversary, in recognition of its work to help young people at risk of social exclusion.
  • Jordi García Pérez, for his path as a local and cultural activist in the mountain neighbourhoods of Sarrià – Sant Gervasi.


  • Coordinadora d’AFA de Gràcia, in recognition of its work to champion quality public education which is Catalan, inclusive, feminist, ecologist and democratic.
  • Xavier Franch i López, for his task as a socio-cultural and environmental educator, and his work to help sustainability, community action and memory in the neighbourhood of El Coll.


  • Eix Maragall, for its work promoting local commerce, the defence of retailers’ collective rights, adding vitality to the neighbourhood and helping to conserve traditional festivities.
  • Carmel a la Vista, for its promotion of the arts and historical memory in the Carmel neighbourhoods and its environs.

Nou Barris

  • Associació de Veïns Taula Oberta, for its community commitment, which through culture, community management and social cohesion aims to do away with inequalities, injustice and poverty.
  • Escola Freire, in recognition of its work to help train adults, adapting its range of options to the population’s training needs.

Sant Andreu

  • Anna Mourelo, in recognition of her fight to foster more inclusive play areas in the city, where all children can play and share on equal terms.
  • Esplai La Tortuga de Trinitat Vella, for its community work in the neighbourhood of Trinitat Vella, fostering quality free time for children and young people.

Sant Martí

  • Arxiu Històric Poblenou, for its contribution to the recovery and maintenance of historical memory in the neighbourhood of Poblenou.
  • Associació Veïnal Provençals de la Verneda, for its community work and struggle to improve the life conditions of local people.