Caring cinema

12/12/2019 - 14:22

Cinema. 10 films and documentaries about caregiving on the big screen.

10 films and documentaries about caregiving on the big screen.

‘Caring between lands’, by La Directa i Cooperacció (2019)
The documentary team travels the reverse path of migrant latin women who arrive in Catalonia. It shows the relationship of dependency between the escape of cures in the countries where migrades are provided and the imposition of an economic model that impoverishes the territories of the global South.

‘The Fundamentals of Caring’, by Rob Burnett (2016)
Road-movie starring Ben, a recent disoriented single who has taken a course for caregivers, and Trevor, a young man with muscular dystrophy with a hostile character. Both undertake a trip through the USA and, at the same time, for mutual care.

‘Yes, we fuck!’, by Antonio Centeno and Raúl de la Morena (2015)
Documentary of the platform that addresses, from personal experiences, sexual assistance, a type of sexual work that consists of providing support to sexually access one’s own body or that of a couple. The assistant person is not someone to have sex with. You should not excite the assisted person, or excite them, or feel pleasure, or educate or intervene therapeutically, their intervention is purely instrumental. (Pro) self-pleasure care to whoever requests it.

‘Always Alice’, by Walsh West and Richard Glatzer (2014)
In her fifty years, Alice, a prestigious university professor suffers from disorientation situations and after having some tests, she is detected early Alzheimer’s. Alice will make decisions regarding her family and profession.

‘Amour ‘, by Michael Haneke (2012)
A marriage of retired musicians (played by Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva) who lives in Paris. The couple’s love is suddenly questioned when the woman is paralyzed and in a fragile state of health after having suffered a heart attack.

‘Untouchable’, by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano (2011)
The story is based on the life of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo (author of the book ‘Le Second Souffle’), a quadriplegic since 1993, and his relationship with Abdel Yasmin Sellou, his personal assistant.

‘Wrinckles’, by Ignacio Ferreras (2011)
2D animated film based on the comic ‘Wrinkles’, by Paco Roca. The story takes place in a geriatric and revolves around the friendship between two elderly men, one of them in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

‘Caregivers’, by Oskar Tejedor (2010)
Intimate portrait of a group of people who take care of relatives with Alzheimer’s disease. They undress their anguish and share moments of laughter in the search for a balance in life that is not easy at all.

‘Bicycle, spoon, apple’, by Carles Bosh (2010)
“Bicycle”, “spoon” and “apple” are three words that are used in the clinical examination of short-term memory. This documentary includes the vital process and the struggle of the former Generalitat of Catalonia Pasqual Maragall and his family against Alzheimer’s disease, a disease that affects 26 million people worldwide.

‘The Savages’, by Tamara Jenkins (2007)
The questions available: how to summon the willingness to take care that we have never been taken care of? How can we take care of ourselves in the process? The film does not boast real answers, but its exploration is blatantly funny.