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BCN Anti-Rumour strategy


One of the obstacles to positive community life in diversity is ignorance of the other. Such ignorance is often transformed into fear or reluctance, and is expressed through rumours and false stereotypes.

The BCN Anti-rumour strategy is the action line for the BCN Interculturality pro­gramme. It was created in 2010, in response to what had been confirmed during the participatory process for preparing the BCN Interculturality Plan, that one of the main obstacles to relations between people from different cultural contexts was ignorance.

Such ig­norance is often turned into fear or reluctance and expressed through rumours, prejudices and stereotypes that sow the seeds of racist attitudes, discriminatory practices and populist discourse.

Our aim is to raise awareness of and debunk these rumours, prejudices and stereotypes, provide anti-rumour tools and resources and promote dialogue and intercultural relations:

  • Anti-rumour awareness-raising campaigns are being organised which are supported with various materials (comics, badges, glasses, guides, manuals) and in initiatives on websites and virtual networks.
  • We are acting from a territorial perspective, providing org­anisations in neighbourhoods and districts with technical advice, free anti-rumour awareness-raising activities and in­tercultural reflection (workshops, participatory theatre productions, de­bates, etc.) These proposals are listed in a catalogue of activities that has been updated every year since 2012.
  • We are offering free training that enables anti-rumour arguments and commu­nication tools to be shared with the public. The people taking part in these training sessions are becoming anti-rumour officers.

We are working jointly with the BCN Anti-rumour Network, which has almost a thousand members, including organisations and individuals.

Barcelona City Council is part of this network and is providing it with technical support, taking part in its working groups and putting mate­rials and financial resources at its disposal. The network is regarded as a key collaborative piece in implementing the BCN Anti-rumour strategy.

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