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Local strategy for the Roma community


Roma have an extremely diverse culture, they are not a people living in a single country and that they adapt to the territory they live in, without losing their essence. Despite their nomadic traditions, they came to Barcelona over 600 years ago and are part of our diverse society.

The roma people represent an important part of Barcelona’s population, citizens who have suffered very specific forms of discrimination because of their identity and who have made a very rich cultural contribution. Barcelona City Council is therefore implementing several policies aimed at improving living conditions for the city’s roma population and appreciating roma culture.

Approved in 2015, the Local Strategy with Barcelona's Roma People is a document containing goals and initiatives for promoting inclusion, social cohesion, awareness-raising and knowledge of the roma culture, through equality and non-discrimination. It is based on principles for safeguarding rights and cultural diversity that are recognised internationally, by the European Union, by the Spanish State and by Spain's regional governments.

With this strategy, the City Council’s aim is to:

  • Reduce inequalities and promote opportunities for the roma people in several fields:
    • Formal and informal education
    • Employment
    • Housing
    • Health-care
  • Establish and promote personal and family well-being
  • Coordinate initiatives in the city with other municipalities
  • Appreciate roma culture

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