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We are pushing interculturality


The city’s commitment to the intercultural model is aimed at advancing from a multicultural Barcelona to an intercultural Barcelona: a diverse Barcelona that coexists peacefully and builds the city jointly and through cooperation.

The main goal is to move towards an intercultural and diverse Barcelona that builds the city jointly and through cooperation. It is not different cultures but people from different cultures whose relations interculturality strengthens for building a common city model.

This year will see the emphasis being put on the transformational capacity of interculturality, with a commitment to influencing structures that create inequalities, human rights’ violations, exclusion and discrimination. An approach is being proposed with organisations and from the various identities that coexist in the city to recognise the relationships between them and to work to highlight the causes of domination within the power structures.

As a new development and change of paradigm, from now on we will understand public policies on cultural diversity comprehensively, rather than something merely linked to migratory processes. It is therefore being extended to include people born in the city but part of other cultural contexts (children of migrants), historical diversities of minority peoples, such as the gypsy people, where there are also migrants. 

The policies will be intercultural and transformational where they consist of these five aspects:

  •  They promote knowledge, raising awareness and recognition of cultural diversity.
  • They incorporate measures for ensuring equality of rights and opportunities to people from different cultural contexts and origins.
  • They promote the establishment of active and collaborative relations between people and groups that usually do not have them, by working on common interests and aspects and seeking positive interactions.
  • They encourage people to develop strong ties with neighbourhoods, groups, the city or organisations and thereby increase their sense of belonging.
  • They include mechanisms or resources for ensuring a culturally diverse participation.


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