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Office for Non-Discrimination


The Office for Non-Discrimination (OND) is a mechanism for guaranteeing human rights at a local level, aimed at dealing with discrimination-related human rights violations.

The OND concentrates its efforts on the following:

  • Information, training and awareness-raising in everything relating to equal rights.
  • Care and advice to victims of human rights violations. Where such a violation constitutes a crime, the OND offers legal advice on processing the appropriate claim against discrimination. As for non-criminal cases, it seeks out-of-court solutions.
  • Involvement from the City Council in certain cases that are regarded as strategic and whose resolution may lead to a profound change or transformation in both society and policies.
  • Detection of structural problems that cause human rights violations and the proposal of improvements to redress them.

The OND works on priority themes very intensely: hate speech and discrimination, civil rights and public freedoms in using public spaces and full citizenship.


Published the 2021 Report of the barcelona Discrimination Observatory

15/07/2022 - 13:37 h

DISCRIMINATION. The central theme of the 2021 report is discrimination in the access to housing.