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Celebrating and speaking up for Barcelona’s diversity

Diversity. This year’s city diversity meeting centred part of its activity on dignifying housework and the care of others.

Once again this year, the Trobada BCN Ciutat Diversa filled Pg. Lluís Companys with workshops, exhibitions, musical performances and talks. A wide array of activities were organised with the aim of showing, sharing and enjoying the diversity which characterises the city. The main theme for most of the activities was housework and the care of others, the emphasis being on dignifying this work.

The auditorium was the main feature at the meeting, with different round table sessions and audio-visuals revolving around the dignification of housework and the need to raise its profile and recognise work which is essential for life and the economy and which has historically been undervalued.

Diverse spaces for a diverse city

The esplanade by the Arc de Triomf filled with marquees housing city entities with projects with common themes. At the Women and Youth stand, visitors were able to take part in activities promoting gender equality and the participation and integration of women, while entities working with young people offered the public a chance to reflect on the role young people have in constructing the city.

The Culture stand and the Reception, Refuge and Asylum stand also brought together entities offering games, workshops and talks to highlight the city’s cultural wealth and the struggle for the rights of refugees, respectively.

Another feature was the Living Library, putting participants directly in contact with ‘books’, which on this occasion were people often exposed to discrimination. The confidential interaction between participants and ‘books’ helped people learn about different realities and break down stereotypes and prejudice through dialogue.

The meeting was organised by the Municipal Immigration Council, forty social entities and the City Council. In all, over sixty activities were able to be enjoyed by the public in Sunday.



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