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#CelebremBCN with a whole year of festivities and cultural diversity

Published Tue, 12/02/2019 - 08:00

Cultural diversity. Annual calendar of the main festivities and celebrations held in the city by migrant associations.

Barcelona is characterised by its diverse identity. This is why, when residents with different origins and cultural contexts celebrate, the whole city celebrates.

The second edition of the #CelebremBCN [Let’s celebrate Barcelona] campaign will once again in 2019 give visibility to the wealth of origins and life experiences peacefully co-existing in Barcelona. Some of the main celebrations held by residents of diverse origins and cultural contexts will be included and publicised in a constantly updated calendar.

These festivals, which are open to all residents, provide a space for intercultural dialogue and for learning about each other. In addition, they are a way of exercising citizen rights, such as cultural rights and the right to the city and public spaces, as many of the celebrations take place on the city’s streets.

A whole year to celebrate cultural diversity

2 February saw the start of the programme for the 2019 edition of “#CelebremBCN. Festes i diversitat cultural” [“Let’s Celebrate Barcelona. Festivities and Cultural Diversity”] with the celebration of Chinese New Year in the area around Passeig de Lluís Companys. During the first half of the year, we will also see in the Thai and Bengali New Years, as well as celebrating the Muslim Iftar and some Philippine and Uruguayan festivities.

During the second half, the focus will be on our Central and South American residents’ celebrations. There will also be activities relating to Pakistan’s, India’s and the Ukraine’s national days, the Hindu Ratha Yatra chariot festival or the Afrocanya festival, among others.

#CelebremBCN is committed to an inclusive city model in which diversity is acknowledged and respected and there is dialogue between different cultures in order to continue building a Barcelona for everyone. Last year, this programme gave visibility to 25 different festivities resulting in meeting places for communities from all over the world that have settled in Barcelona and made it their home.

During nine months, Barcelona’s neighbourhoods hosted cultural, traditional, religious and national festivities with one thing in common: the creation of community and intergenerational spaces where different cultural roots can be connected to the city that people have chosen to live in.


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