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Measures to guarantee the rights of immigrants

Immigration. City Council has adopted the proposals of the Immigration Council to avoid people from abroad being in irregular situations and enable them to access municipal services.

City Council has adopted the proposals by the Immigration Council to help guarantee the rights of people from abroad in irregular situations here. Although the majority of proposals by this body relate to the law on foreigners and thus appeal to the state administration, the decision has been taken at a municipal level to help people with no fixed abode register as city residents (for instance, the homeless or those living with friends or family or in makeshift homes), as well as vulnerable families with no current rental contract.

In these cases an inspector visits the home to certify that the person or family actually live there, allowing them to register and in turn access healthcare, schooling, grants and other services. Another measure taken by City Council is that any fines made according to by-laws governing co-living will have no bearing on reports by inspectors.

“We want 100% of people living in Barcelona to be registered as citizens”, noted the Deputy Mayor for Citizen Rights, Jaume Asens. “We don’t want first class and second class citizens in our city”, he added, also calling on the state to “change the legal framework on foreigners because it is driving these people into the underground economy”.

The Municipal Immigration Council, made up of social entities and City Council, made 67 proposals to improve the situation of immigrants in irregular situations. The spokesperson for the report, Elisabet Ureña, mentioned some of the cases covered, including people from war zones without passports and who are not recognised by their consulates, and minors who are unprotected as their parents have lost their jobs and consequently their work and residency permit.


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