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Mescladís wins the Municipal Immigration Council Award

Recognition. The project by the Fundació Ciutadania Multicultural offers training for immigrants.

The initiative by the Fundació Ciutadania Multicultural promotes responsible business culture. The programme ‘Cuinant oportunitats’ [cooking up opportunities] is at the heart of the foundation’s activities and offers training for immigrants as kitchen assistants and waiters with the aim of getting them into the labour market.

The award, which features an independent jury and is now in its twentieth edition, is public recognition of the work done by Mescladís in the sphere of immigration. This year’s award considered ten projects which work on economic and labour strategies from a perspective of diversity, favouring the inclusion of immigrants.

The special mention made by the award went to the Associació Mujeres Pa’lante, which offers support for immigrant women from Latin America, helping integrate them into Catalan society.


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