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The 0-17 BCN Observatory starts: Lives and Rights of Children and Adolescents

Education. The Children and Adolescents Institute is the starting point for the 0-17 BCN Observatory, with the aim of improving knowledge and strengthening local policies that affect the citizens between 0 and 17 years old.

The program, commissioned by the Barcelona City Council, includes various projects such as the creation of an integral system of indicators on children and adolescents, the specific exploitation of children from the survey of living conditions carried out to users of social services (IMSS, 2016) or the subjective evaluation from the point of view of the Children of the Children's Fund of the City Council of Barcelona.

Facing the detection of the lack of real and effective knowledge of the lives of children and adolescents in Barcelona and with the aim of visualizing and working to overcome the main challenges in the progressive exercise of the rights of citizens of 0 At 17, the Observatory 0-17 BCN was launched: Lives and Rights of Children and Adolescents.

The Observatory’s starting point is the rights recognized in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and in Catalan law (LDOIA). These rights have as main guiding principles the development of personal potentialities, the right to be heard, the protection against ill-treatment, non-discrimination, the gender perspective and functional diversity, respect and support parental responsibility, the promotion and support of education and intergenerational relationships, as well as the development of personal potentials.

Public administrations have a duty to ensure compliance with these rights and, to do this, it is necessary to know in more depth the current situation of children and adolescents in the city of Barcelona. In this regard, in December 2017, the Children and Adolescents Institute made public the report Key Data on children and adolescents in Barcelona, ​​structured in different sections. On the one hand, answer questions such as: how many children are in the city of Barcelona and what relative weight they have in neighborhoods and districts, according to age ranges, sex and nationality; what do we know about the structure of families with children in the city? What do we know about the living conditions of homes with children in the city?

On the other hand, it offers a summary of Focus Infancia y Ciudadanía 2017-2020 and, finally, a collection of initial data based on the subjective childhood welfare survey in Barcelona 2017, where there is information about global satisfaction with life and areas such as: the amount and uses of time, personal aspects such as freedom, adult listening and security, school environment, neighborhood, peer relationships, health and satisfaction with one’s own body, family environment and material conditions, that is, the house where the children interviewed live.

This report becomes the basis from which the Observatory 0-17 BCN starts, which intends to continue compiling, generating, systematizing and periodically analyzing sufficient and relevant data on the life stage of 0 to 17 years, putting them at open provision and be able to track the living conditions and situation of the rights of children and adolescents in the city.

You can follow the news regarding the 0-17 BCN Observatory following this hashtag: # Observatorio0-17Bcn

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