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A plan to turn Barcelona into a leader in human rights

Solidarity. ‘Barcelona, City of Rights’ includes initiatives on anti-Islamophobia, training on combatting discrimination and an international conference.

The municipal government has created the plan ‘Barcelona, City of Rights’ to turn the city into a leader in human rights. The measure, backed up by a one million euro budget, aims to give Barcelona greater presence in international forums on basic rights and includes actions such as an anti-Islamophobia initiative, a campaign to combat hate and discrimination, training for citizens and municipal workers and an international conference.

“Our international position should be in line with our position in other fields, such as sports and innovation”, noted the Deputy Mayor for Citizen Rights, Transparency and Participation, Jaume Asens.We want to be a diverse, intercultural and multi-faceted city, where everyone has real, effective and equal access to all human rights recognised and guaranteed by the city”.

The Deputy Mayor also highlighted the need for networking between organisations, as with the ‘Barcelona, Refuge City’ and ‘Barcelona anti-rumours’ initiatives.

An annual budget of one million euros has been allocated for the initiative, which will be rolled out over the course of this term of office. The main themes revolve around combatting hate and discrimination, promoting full citizenship, defending civil rights and the use of public places. The document has been drafted by the Department of Citizens’ Rights, headed by Aida Guillén.

Legal reports will also be drafted on regulations by other administrations which affect human rights. Other initiatives include setting up a network of people and entities defending human rights and a new boost for the Office for Non-Discrimination (OND).


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