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Workshop: Front-line defence of human rights.
The role of people who defend rights. Struggles, problems and protection mechanisms


What is it about?

The workshop focuses on the role of human-rights defenders, their struggles, their problems and the local and international protection mechanisms available to them. Each workshop focuses specifically on one subject (right to housing, climate change, racism and xenophobia, etc.). The session will include the testimony of local and international defenders, who will give first-hand accounts of their everyday problems and future strategies in this area.

Who is it for?

The workshop is aimed at the city’s organisations and civil society, and its content can be adapted according to the level of prior knowledge on human rights.

How will you do that?

The workshop is offered in both in-person and virtual formats, combining theory with the testimony of people who defend local and international human rights, by means of audiovisual resources. Whenever possible, there will be live participation by a human-rights defender who can provide a first-hand account of their work in the specific area the workshop is focusing on. The idea is to adapt the specific subject according to the work carried out by the organisation or the civil-society sector that is interested in the workshop, in order to foster the creation of synergies among human-rights defenders.

How long is it?

1,5 hours (workshop)
2 hours (if it is wished to include the live testimony)

Who runs it?

Human Rights Resources Centre – CRDH

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