New emergency exits for the high-speed Sants-Sagrera tunnel

To comply with new railway safety regulations, three new emergency exits will now have to be built along the high-speed line (LAV) tunnel linking Sants Station with the future La Sagrera station.

ADIF, the state-owned company responsible for railway infrastructure, will build three screened shafts, 40 metres deep and 10 metres wide, to install the structure for the emergency exits. The shafts will be at the junctions of Carrer Mallorca – Carrer Independència, Carrer Mallorca – Carrer Nàpols and Carrer Provença – Carrer Urgell

Work started in April 2018 and is scheduled to finish in July 2021.

Information and monitoring systems

Three meetings have been held in the vicinity of each new exit to inform the general public about the scope of the work.

Two follow-up forums are also planned that will meet periodically to check how the work is developing and, if necessary, resolve possible incidents that may arise: a city committee which will keep any eye on the overall project and three working groups, one for each site, will conduct a day-to-day follow-up establishing a direct relationship between local residents and the works management.


Independència Shaft - Informative Session (10th March 2020):


Urgell Shaft- Informative Session (1st October 2019):


Urgell Shaft- Informative Session (23rd July 2019):


Nàpols Shaft- Sesión del Grupo de Trabajo (22nd July 2019):


Independència shaft - Informative session (5th May 2019):


Urgell shaft - Working Group Session (25th February 2019):


Independència shaft - Informative session with neighbourhood (20th December 2018):


Urgell shaft- Informative session with neighbourhood (15th November 2018):


Nàpols shaft- Informative session with neighbourhood (29th October 2018):


Independència shaft (4 September 2018):


Informative Session (27 June 2018):


Independència shaft (4 June 2018):


Independència shaft (4 April 2018):


Nàpols shaft (23 May 2018):


Nàpols shaft (12 April 2018):


Urgell shaft (16 April 2018):