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Bicycle Strategy

Estrategia de la Bicicleta

The Bicycle Strategy for Barcelona is a measure intended to give continuity to the Barcelona Urban Mobility Plan (PMU 2013-2018), the planning tool for defining the action lines that will have to govern mobility in the coming years, with the strategic aim of continuing to move towards a more sustainable, efficient, safer, healthier and fairer mobility model.

All the measures contained in the PMU 2013-2018 are aimed at giving a greater role to pedestrians and cyclists, boosting the use of collective public transport and reducing the use of private vehicles and, in general, ensuring that mobility in the city is geared towards improving the quality of life of its citizens.

The Bicycle Strategy for Barcelona is being developed by the PMU's bicycle working group. And it is the PMU bodies and associations that will have to monitor the implementation of the initiatives proposed, which include initiatives to raise awareness and promote the use of bikes that will be launched in coordination with the various players involved, who will be jointly responsible for them. 

Participatory structure and players involved

The Mobility Pact Bicycle Group, which holds meetings from time to time, is made up by the:

Bicycle Group, Bicycle Friends-User Group; APIT Barcelona-Professional Tourisme de Catalunya Guides' Association; Catalan Association for Championing Bicycles; BACC (Catalan Bicycle Club); BICITOURS BARCELONA (Cotxe Menys and Biciclot); CCOO Barcelonès; Barcelona Shops, Services and Tourism Guild Board; Catalan Coordinating Committee for Bicycle Users; FCC (Catalan Cycling Federation); FECAV (Catalan Business Federation of Passenger Transport; GCBC (Catalan Bicycle Retailers' Guild); Bicycle Business Platform; PTP (Association for Promoting Public Transport); RACC (Catalan Royal Automobile Club); AMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Area); BICICLOT; Activities and Services; FReeeL Ecomoving Solutions; TRÈVOL Messengers, VanAPEDAL - Urban Distribution of Goods by Bike


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