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Amendment to the PGM for the Font de la Guatlla area

Font de la Guatlla

The creation of a new thoroughfare in the upper part of the neighbourhood and the added provision for the tunnel exit on Montjuïc's northern slope had a notable impact on the Font de la Guatlla neighbourhood's oldest areas, built towards the end of the 19th century, fully affecting the sector we know as Turó.

The aim in drafting the Amendment to the Urban Development Plan (PGM) for this area, therefore, is to give continuity to the work that has been carried out in conjunction with the neighbourhood’s local residents and associations since 2016.

For this reason, a participatory process has been approved with the aim of providing information on and publicising the goals of this amendment and  promoting citizen debate on the issue. The participatory process will enable the inclusion of new voices, bringing plurality and diversity to the debate, and the collection of citizens’ suggestions and concerns.

Participatory structure and players involved:

The territorial area of debate can be defined on two levels:

  • The area affected by planning changes, delineated by a specific area in the Font de la Guatlla neighbourhood.

  • The surroundings, which include the rest of the Font de la Guatlla neighbourhood and the area around the Sants-Montjuïc District.

The entities called upon to form the work group include local residents’ associations in the surrounding area, local residents’ communities, association, business and commercial networks, managers of facilities in the area and local residents on an individual basis.

Thus, the process will ensure all city residents are involved in the open nature of the participatory process. In this respect, it will promote the maximum level of plurality and diversity, as well as effective gender equality in participation, while enabling the effective presence of the various collectives making up the population in the Sants-Montjuïc District and, more specifically, the Font de la Guatlla's surrounding area.

The Monitoring Committee for the process will include representatives from the following entities or spaces: Turó de la Font de la Guatlla's Association of People Affected by PERI (Salvem el Turó); AV Font de la Guatlla, FAVB (Federation of Barcelona Local Residents’ Associations); Monitoring Committee for the Font de la Guatlla Neighbourhood Council, Turó de Font de la Guatlla Board of Entities.

Documents and minutes:

The proceedings, discussions and debates will take place between 15 May and 30 June 2018, during which feedback will be collected from the public.

The players involved will be working on this process based, among other things, on the current development plan, the urban planning records which have to be taken into account, the criteria document for the Proposed Amendment to the PGM 2018, as well as the studies on the needs of the facilities in the work area.


Consult the Urban Information documentation and its processing status:


Monitoring Committee’s Constitutive session (16/05/2018):


First work session (28/05/2018):


Second work session (19/06/2018)


Third work session (31/10/2018):


Session for the neighborhood​ (8/11/2018):


Working group (13/02/2019):