Strategic Proposal for Park Güell

Park Güell amb panoràmica de la ciutat al fons

Park Güell is one of the few places designed by Antoni Gaudí that belongs to the public. It is a historic and emblematic city park, that has been declared a Heritage of Humanity site by UNESCO. It is therefore a place that must be protected, so Gaudí’s work can be studied and disseminated, but it is also an urban park, a place for local residents and the community. In recent years, the massive influx of tourists visiting the park  has had a direct impact on its use by local residents, and on the transformation of its surroundings and neighbourhoods, especially Vallcarca i Penitents, and on several areas such as its commerce, mobility and local residential use.

The strategic proposal for Park Güell aims to strengthen the city residents’ links to the park, avoid the consequences of overcrowding from tourism in the area and improve its surroundings by making the park more permeable. The proposal contains 178 improvement initiatives and has a budget of €24.9 million,.It centres on five main areas:

  • Reducing the impact of overcrowding in the park and its surroundings through better regulation of its access points and a greater number of information and control personnel.
  • Fostering community uses in the park and its surroundings through improved access points, new local-resident leisure activities and a new volunteer centre that will provide information on the park and its natural environment.
  • Improving mobility in the surrounding area: more and better public transport, ease of access on foot and by bicycle and reducing congestion on busier streets.
  • Revitalising the park’s heritage, by including it in neighbourhood and city cultural calendars.
  • Promoting a new model of governance through the participation of all the players involved in decision-making.

Three information and discussion sessions have been helded in the final quarter of 2017, in order for the content of the proposal to be shared, discussed and debated. These sessions were aimed at the main organisations and associations of Park Güell's surrounding neighbourhoods and concerned Social Use, Access and Overcrowding and Mobility.



First informative and debate session (Social Use, 20th November 2017):


Second informative and debate session (Access and Overcrowding, 4th December 2017):


Third informative and debate session (Mobility, 18th December 2017):