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Amendment to the PGM for the Prim area

Sector de Prim

The Prim area forms part of the large area of urban transformations in the north-east of Barcelona, which also includes the large Sant Andreu - La Sagrera system and the immediate industrial surroundings of Verneda Industrial and Torrent d’Estadella.

The building of the future La Sagrera intermodal station is the most unique feature in the Sant Andreu – La Sagrera transformation; by covering over the train lines, it will help to free up a large amount of space (Parc del Camí Comtal), as well as eradicate the large area that currently breaks up the urban landscape.

In this respect, the aim here is to draft an amendment to the urban development plan (PGM) for the Prim sector.

For this reason, a participatory process has been approved which corresponds to this amendment to the PGM, to provide information on and publicise the goals of this amendment as well as promote citizen debate on the issue.

The participatory process will enable the inclusion of new voices, bringing plurality and diversity to the debate, and the collection of citizens’ suggestions and concerns.

Participatory structure and players involved:

The territorial area of debate can be defined on two levels:

  • The area affected by the planning changes, delineated by Ronda de Sant Martí/Pont del Treball Digne/Santander/Cantàbria/Rambla de Prim/Via Trajana/Carrer de Jaume Brossa.

  • The surroundings, which are specific to the pre-existing La Verneda neighbourhood, on the east and south sides; the future Parc Lineal de l’Estació, on the west; and by the Bon Pastor neighbourhood, on the east and north sides, as well as the Railway Triangle's structure and facility complex.

Thus, the process will ensure all city residents are involved in the open nature of the participatory process. In this respect, it will promote the maximum level of plurality and diversity, as well as effective gender equality in participation, while enabling the effective presence of the various collectives making up the composition of Sant Martí’s population.

The Monitoring Committee consists of representatives from organisations in the La Verneda and Sant Martí de Provençals territories.

To be more specific, the Committee will include the following organisations: AVV Sant Martí de Provençals, Coordinadora d'Entitats Verneda, AVV Verneda Alta, AVV Trajana, COBEGA representative and Verneda neighbourhood centre.

Documents and minutes:

The proceedings, discussions and debates will take place between May and July, during which feedback will be collected from the public.

The players involved will be working on this process based, among other things, on the current development plan, the urban planning records which have to be taken into account, the criteria document for the Proposed Amendment to the PGM 2018, formulated from the winning proposal for the ideas competition, as well as the studies on the needs of the facilities in the work area.

Monitoring Committee's Constitutive session (16/05/2018)


Work session at the La Verneda i La Pau Neighbourhood Council (22/05/2018)


Work session at the Sant Martí Neighbourhood Council (24/05/2018)


Work session (14/06/2018)