Barcelona+Sostenible collaborative map

The Barcelona + Sostenible [More Sustainable Barcelona] map represents a unique opportunity to see the contribution we all make to improving our city, from small-scale initiatives still in their infancy, to major, consolidated projects. It is also a tool for community recognition, communication and awareness-raising.

Objectives of the map:

- Achieve progress in the commitment of the social and business fabric towards sustainability and a culture of co-operation, creating platforms for exchange, participation and communal gatherings throughout the region.

- Encourage responsible behaviour: sustainable mobility, responsible consumption and production, respect for natural and cultural heritage, etc.

- Serve as a flagship portal for the general public, and become a point of regular consultation for natural and social heritage, and a tool lending momentum to the green economy.

- Have in place a tool open to public participation and the inherent momentum for the transformation of the city, collating and showcasing experiences and knowledge drawn from neighbourhood environments.

- Become a tool that environmental organisations and environmental education facilities find useful as a method of facilitating environmental sustainability education among the general public.

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