Gardening training programmes for adults

Gardening and landscaping courses in Laberint Training Centre

Laberint Training Center is aimed at spreading knowledge and joint management regarding biodiversity and gardening for enthusiasts and those who are interested in it. The centre designs programs and methodologies adapted to each level of knowledge by incorporating environmental and technical advances. The offer is divided into long-term courses for amateurs, single subject courses, technical courses and brief gardening workshops called "Turn your home into a garden".

The program for specialists and enthusiasts takes place in the gardens of Laberint d’Horta —one of the emblematic green areas of the city— and in Viver de Tres Pins, where there is the necessary machinery and equipment to develop theoretical and practical quality training. As for the brief gardening workshops, they are held one Sunday a month in several green areas within the city. They are aimed at bringing knowledge in gardening and biodiversity to the general public depending on the subject and the time of year.

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The building also has a library specialised in gardening and landscape where expositions, debates and talks are held.



Laberint Training Centre 
Germans Desvalls, s/n. 
Parc del Laberint d'Horta 
08035 Barcelona 
Tel. 93 256 56 01 
Fax 93 428 61 98 


Rda. de Dalt sortida 4 
Metro: L3, Estació de Mundet 
Bus: V21, 27, 60, 73, 76 i 85