How does Barcelona work? (adults programme)

The City Council, through La Fàbrica del Sol ("The Sun Factory"), invites you to see the different facilities and areas which show water management, energy, materials, environmental quality, green areas and biodiversity.

This activity includes tours, visits and workshops, where you can see the environmental management of the city. You will also have the opportunity to interact with their managers and share questions, concerns and best practices regarding the healthier and more sustainable habits in order contribute long term to turn Barcelona to a more friendly and long-lasting city.

Come and meet the city water cycle and immerse yourself in both visible and hidden water landscape. Discover all seasons in parks and gardens within the city. Close the materials cycle and meet the initiatives which convert waste into resources. Be committed to self-sufficiency and energy saving under the guidance of the most technological and welcoming side of Barcelona. Meet the environmental quality of the city by analyzing the air we breathe and listening to sounds from each district.

Activities are addressed at adults and families. You can register individually or in groups from 10 people. Some of them are adapted for people with sensory and intellectual disabilities.

You can check registration, activities and accessibility regarding Com Funciona Barcelona? on

This program is part of the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2012-2022, which is aimed at leading the city towards a more sustainable future. A future tied to a new concept of the city: a smart city or, in other words, a city which introduces innovative solutions in the management of its resources and services in order to improve the quality of life of its citizens. La Fàbrica del Sol is taking part in it and invites you to join them.


Water cycle
1. Visits and Tours
The heart of the city
Water Paths
The magic of music, light and colour

2. Workshops
It's time for clarifying

Verd i Biodiversitat
1. Visits and Tours
The art of visiting a garden
- Building a city through parks
- From private to public
- Hidden places
- Urban Forests
- Roses of Barcelona
Cultivating the city

2. Workshops
Living neighbours

From waste to resources
1. Visits and Tours
Towards a circular economy

2. Workshops
Recook, reuse and don't generate waste


1. Visits and Tours
City innovation and efficiency
2. Workshops
Electricity is on a diet


1. Visits and Tours
Air quality
Heartbeats from neighbourhoods

Further information in the following address:

La Fàbrica del Sol
Medi Ambient i Serveis Urbans - Hàbitat Urbà
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Passeig Salvat Papasseit, 1
08003 Barcelona