Indoor Blocks Plan

The city council is promoting urbanization and arrangement of indoor blocks to ensure their public use as places of residence and movement, prioritizing green areas and facilities, i.e. children's playgrounds and fitness areas for seniors. It tries to recover spaces providing citizens with restored areas equipped with urban furniture and leisure facilities, improving accessibility and services (lighting, drainage, etc.), taking advantage of the urban fabric of the city for the benefit of all citizens. Ajuntament de Barcelona works since 1987 in the whole city, with works in all districts. The project was to recover and dignify the block interiors designed in the Pla Eixample, a setting that distinguishes the urban fabric of Barcelona.


Recovery of the block interiors as areas for relaxation, stay and entertainment of people, creating spaces to strengthen and streamline the activities of the district.


Maintenance and improvement of these spaces with the addition of equipment, facilities and services that ensure user's comfort.


To facilitate proximity landscaped areas in all districts of the city. To recover for the city green spaces in the urban environment designed by Cerdà.