Citizen Commitment to Sustainability – a More Sustainable Barcelona

In December 2012, more than 800 institutions, professional associations, unions, trade unions, universities, schools and businesses signed the 10 goals set by the "Public Commitment towards Sustainability 2012-2022 - Compromís 22". The Commitment sets 10 goals for a more equitable, prosperous and self-sufficient Barcelona, through the involvement, commitment and collaboration of the entities signing the public commitment. It takes over the "Public Commitment towards Sustainability 2002-2012" which reached the end of its term after a career of 10 years of collective work to make Barcelona a more livable, efficient and sustainable city, following 10 major goals and 100 lines of action.

Through the network of signatories, called "For a More Sustainable Barcelona" participation, exchange of information and resources are promoted. It gives projection to the initiatives of the member organizations and promotes collaboration opportunities. "For a more Sustainable Barcelona" Secretariat, sponsored by the city council of Barcelona, offers tailored advice to all members of the network as well as consultation, training, organization of meetings and communication tools.

Over 1.100 signatories

are giving their support to the “More Sustainable Barcelona” network


Biodiversity: From urban green to restoration of green spaces in the city.


Public space and mobility: From streets to move to streets to live.


Environmental quality and health: From standards to excellence.


Efficient, productive and zero-emission city: From a technological Barcelona to an intelligent Barcelona.


Rational use of resources: From consumer society to responsible consumption.


Good governance and social responsibility: From sectoral intervention to effective coordination.


People's well-being: From a welcoming city to a cohesive society.


Progress and development: From concern for sustainability to an economy based on sustainability.


Education and citizen action: From awareness to joint responsibility.


Resilience and global responsibility: From timely response to global action.