Children's Corners Plan (2014-2019)

The city council promotes a specific plan to improve the provision of playgrounds in the city with the participation of schools, related entities and citizens.
It foresees the creation of new areas into new spaces as well as renewing and updating existing areas by incorporating information and communications technology (ICT). The actions will be hold from 2014-2019 and have a budget of 20.2 million euros.

The Plan is developed in two phases. During the first phase (2014-2015), it is expected to create 10 new playground spaces (one per district) and the renovation of 44 existing areas as well as the introduction of technological and thematic elements. In the second phase (2016-2019), the Plan goes one step beyond to make play areas a space for intergenerational coexistence between children and seniors. In addition, the renovation of existing areas will continue, covering 220 areas (27% of total).

The Plan is part of the Green and Biodiversity Plan, which deals with streets and open spaces in the city as places of coexistence and respect, where it is desirable to have quiet and equipped surroundings, with sitting areas and a quality leisure environment.


playgrounds in Barcelona


areas of new game (one per district)


renovations carried out between 2014 and 2019


To get residents and social bodies to participate in this new vision and backing for play in public spaces, taking children’s interests into consideration during the process.


To broaden and diversify opportunities for open and inclusive play in multi-purpose leisure areas and cities’ urban environments from a global perspective.


To develop criteria and indicators to plan and monitor the growth and enhancement of play opportunities in the city.