Communication and narrative

Constructing an imaginary and a common narrative for the SSE is a relevant factor of the identity and dissemination  of the sector. This construction, which involves a participatory and collective process, should serve to offer insight into the potential of the SSE and raise its visibility.  It must be based on a broad and inclusive view and contribute to the development of the transformative socio-economic practices that characterise it.

The dissemination of the narrative and of the values and principles of the SSE must be aimed both at citizens (to raise awareness of alternatives and promote a change in consumer habits) and at the City Council itself (so that it incorporates the SSE’s vision and criteria).


Construct, in a participatory way, a common narrative and imaginary for the SSE designed to help give a sense of belonging to the sector.

Disseminate the SSE and raise awareness among citizens and organisations so that they can contribute towards generating changes in the practices of production, distribution, consumption and saving.

Define strategies, develop tools and establish channels that are governed by SSE principles in order to give a voice  to the  different sectors and practices forming part  of the SSE community and increase their visibility.

Disseminate the SSE globally and raise awareness of it across the entire municipal organisation.


Target audience: 

The SSE sector.

Staff of the municipal organisation.

Citizens and organisations in general.