Financing, within the framework of the SSE, is a key element in two main spheres. Firstly, there needs to be a change in the concept of the implications of accessing external funding sources, because frequently a lack of funds becomes an obstacle for developing viable projects. Secondly, the conditions of access to funding for SSE initiatives must be improved by working on this issue together with the ethical finance organisations which are, in turn, one of the main sources channelling financial resources towards  SSE initiatives.

Furthermore, taking into account the active role played by citizens in the financial system, it is necessary to inform them of the alternative proposals offered by ethical finance organisations.


Establish a stable  collaboration framework between Barcelona City

Council  and the ethical finance  system

Construct a new financing culture

Increase citizens’ knowledge of ethical finance

Contribute to the development of a more  favourable taxation sys- tem for the SSE

Help close the gap between the ethical finance  system and the SSE sector and other specific sectors, so that it becomes a first port of call

Target audience: 

Newly created enterprises/organisations/projects

Enterprises and organisations that promote new activities and new projects

Ethical banking organisations

Financial services cooperatives

Cooperative savings banks

Citizens in general