Inter-cooperation – meaning cooperation between SSE initiatives – is an instrument aimed at strengthening existing companies and organisations, creating other new ones and conceiving new projects. It can be done in different ways: carrying out joint business activities, creating second-tier cooperatives and cooperative groups, through socio-political, sectorial and territorial non-profit organisations, etc.

In turn, the public authorities must promote responsible public procurement so that companies working with them as providers and suppliers are outstanding in terms of their social and environmental responsibility.


Provide instruments and resources that enable  the identification of enterprises and organisations applying SSE practices, in order  to pro- mote differentiated treatment by the authorities – through public procurement and subsidies  alike – and encourage increased purchases and procurement between them,  while  promoting  responsible consumer choices  among citizens.

Contribute to the development of socially responsible public procurement processes.

Offer support to SSE coordination processes.


Target audience: 

Enterprises and organisations

Networks and representative organisations