Mentoring and training

A key aspect for the growth and consolidation of the SSE is the training sphere. The idea is to offer tools and resources suited to the changing needs of the different social enterprise initiatives, especially for consolidation and the creation of other new initiatives.It is important to facilitate tools and resources that allow comprehensive accompaniment for new projects, to improve the capabilities of people working on existing projects, and incorporate into the educational sphere a more plural view that raises awareness of the SSE’s values and practices, always taking into account the gender perspective. 


Work to make Barcelona Activa a mentoring and training resource for SSE initiatives.

Reinforce the sector’s tools for mentoring and training.

Construct lines of aid for creating employment and social enterprise and social community activity.

Contribute towards incorporating the SSE into education centres (primary, secondary and universities).

Target audience: 

People promoting collective management projects.

SSE enterprises and organisations.

Commons collaborative and community economies.

Staff of the City Council and of Barcelona Activa.

Citizens in general.

Training and mentoring professionals.