Are you an entity wanting to take part in Sustainable Food Week?

27/05/2021 - 13:38

Weather emergency. If you are an entity working towards sustainable food in Barcelona, we invite you to take part in the programming of the More Sustainable Food Week.


From 15 to 24 October Barcelona will be celebrating Sustainable Food Week within the framework of the Milan Pact Global Forum. This will include a range of activities centred on sustainable food and the need to transform the food system to make it healthier, fairer and more sustainable, as well as to make the public aware of initiatives that promote sustainable food.

It will be a good opportunity for entities and organisations to showcase the work they do to encourage sustainable food, so we urge you to take part in the MORE WEEK, which will be a part of Sustainable Food Week, with your own activities. These could either be things you are already doing, or newly planned and/ or created ones.  

What are we offering you? 

  • A joint programming and communication campaign for Sustainable Food Week, with common communication elements.
  • Coordinated programming for all the activities (to spread the word).
  • Provision of evaluation tools.
  • Addressing any doubts, questions and other needs that may arise.


What does it entail? 

  • A commitment to implement the proposed activity (which will be included in the general programme),
  • doing so with your own resources.
  • Broadly publicising both More Week and your own activity.
  • Evaluating the activity.


If you want to join in the project, register your activity via this link. You’ve got time until 11 June. We look forward to seeing you!