Would you like to find out about all the different activities, training courses, programmes and initiatives that are being promoted to boost the Social and Solidarity Economy in the city?



This is a new Barcelona Activa facility which will be up and running in novembre 2018 to become the city’s benchmark centre for Social and Economic Innovation.

It was conceived through a participatory process and has a clear vocation for disseminating and co-producing Social and Economic Innovation at the service of the city and its residents.

What services, programmes and activities will be available at Innoba?



This is the Ateneu Cooperatiu de Barcelona and it is located in the La Bordeta neighbourhood. It promotes an ecosystem of social, economic, training, job-creating and social-impact activities.

Còopolis is part of the Ateneus Cooperatius de Catalunya, a cooperative centre network, and is mainly geared towards creating new cooperatives as well as jobs in existing ones.


Barcelona's Social and Solidarity Economy facilities