Credits and funding lines

With the aim of promoting social enterprise and strengthening the business side to Social and Solidarity Economy projects, Barcelona City Council is collaborating with two cooperative banks Fiare Banca Etica and Coop57, in order to improve their access to credit and funding and thereby contribute to their financial consolidation and stability. The Council has also created a new Municipal Credit Fund.

That way, economically feasible projects with a clear social slant can opt for favourable conditions while applying for new lines of credit and funding.



Barcelona City Council is offering a series of subsidies to projects or activities that promote or strengthen the transformational nature of the Social and Solidarity Economy, including democratic and participatory management, being geared towards human needs and a commitment to the community. The subsidy may not exceed 80% of the project’s total expenditure.

Third sector organisations and companies, cooperatives, mutual societies, worker-owned companies, commons community or collaborative economy initiatives, as well as university and educational bodies, may opt for these subsidies.

Calls for applications for these subsidies are made annually.


strengthening Social and Solidarity Economy